404 @ the Anchorage Yacht & Tennis Club
From the Balcony

The Terraces
Feels like Florida. The view from the Living Room Terrace is excellent. Look straight out to the horizon and admire the Gulf of Mexico. Cruise liners, pleasure craft and freighters sail by. A fixture in the sky are the parasailers, floating high above the sea.
Peer down a little closer and you can watch neighbors and friends splashing in the half Olympic size pool. Heck, you might be tempted to go down and join them - right after a tennis match on one of the three well maintained tennis courts.
Look a little to the left and the dedicated Anchorage canal is home to a great diversity of wildlife. Fish are jumping. Birds of every kind fly by finding a satisfying place to land.

Inside the 404
The spacious 1300 square foot condo feels even bigger. Large rooms, including the combined living & dining rooms, big windows and larger terraces all around make the 404 a comfortable place to stay for a week, a month or longer.

Picnic Table & Barbecue

The Grounds of the Anchorage
Situated on a large plot of land, the Anchorage sits along the shores of the Intercoastal. The area adjacent to the Bay is beautifully manicured and maintained - attracting admirers and wildlife alike.

Dock Right Outside the Front Door
Connected to the Intercoastal with its very own canal, the Anchorage has room for you to dock your boat right out the door, throughout your stay.

Deeded Access to Beautiful Crescent Beach
Voted as one of the top ten beaches in all of America, Crescent Beach features beautiful, white, cool to the touch quartz sand.

Birds of a Feather
Dolphins a schoolin', fish a jumpin', crabs a crawlin', but nothing is more prominient, especially when sitting on the terrace, than the birds a flyin'.

Pelican Sunset