Stuff to Drive too on Siesta Key

<a href="">The Broken Egg</a>

The Broken Egg

There are several popular breakfast stops in Siesta Key Village. We are not breakfast eaters, but we have been to the Broken Egg. It is always packed, and can attest it is worth the visit.

Siesta Key Farmers' Market

We are new to Siesta Key (2008) but we predate the Farmers' Market. In fact, we were in Siesta Key the week before it started in the Fall of 2008 and heard all the buzz about it. It has grown since then, with 20 or more merchants selling everything from pasta to peaches.

<a href="">Siesta Key Farmers' Market</a>

<a href="">Local Coffee & Tea</a>

Local Coffee & Tea

Located in Siesta Key Village, the Local Coffee & Tea is our favorite place on the island to get Coffee. Owned by a Michigan State Spartan, Local Coffee is the antidote to the mass market offerings of the big chains. Service is always friendly and happy to update you on the goings on in the Village. Locals are usually hanging out, often with their dog(s) in tow, engaging in conversation.

The Beach Club

Now we are not the late night bar and party types, but if we were, this is the place we would go. When the rest of the Village is quieting down, the Beach Club is just getting going. This is also the spot to go on a Football Saturday or Sunday (along with Captain Curt's) as they have all the games on over a dozen TV's. Happy Hour beer prices are also extremely affordable.

<a href="">The Beach Club</a>

<a href="">The Hub Baja Grill</a>

The Hub Baja Grill

This is the first place we ever ate on Siesta Key and it is still amongst our favorites. Located in the Village, The Hub is a great mixture of casual fare, great beer and drink selection, mellow live music and lively conversation. You can sit inside or out, and feel like you are in an outdoor restaurant. Food runs along the Tex-Mex theme, but has enough unique flare to set it apart from others.

Foxy Lady

I am no expert, but Karen is and all I know is we go here every time we visit Siesta Key. Located on Beach Road, right before it turns into Ocean Drive and Siesta Key Village. Staff is very friendly and they have an eclectic (but apparently) excellent selection of women's clothing. Also on site is a nail salon. Foxy Lady also has a store on Armond Circle.

<a href="">Foxy Lady</a>

<a href="">Siesta Key Oyster Bar</a>

Siesta Key Oyster Bar

This is sure to be disputed by others, but I am not sure there is another place that better embodies the Siesta Key attitude than SKOB. It is always busy with a jubiliant and festive crowd. Live music is usually in place. The seafood is excellent, featuring local catch specialties.

Café Gabbianos

Café Gabbiano's has a special place in our heart because it was the inspiration for Ralph's 50th birthday trip. The owner, Pietro, is from the island Ischia, Italy. He told us about his beautiful island home while sharing a cappicino with us one Sunday morning (during the Farmer's Market). He did not exaggerate. Of course, we also love the food and the ambiance of the restaurant, especially after dark.

<a href="">Café Gabbianos</a>

<a href="">Café Blasé</a>

Café Blasé

Another fine dining experience on Siesta Key. With an eclectic decour inside an out, Café Blasé features a menu inspired by Cajun cooking. Food is excellent, the staff is fun and so are your fellow patrons! Of course that could be because they partook of one of the many signiture Martini's.

Turtles on Little Sarasota Bay

We love outdoor dining and especially when the location is right on the water. Turtles, located across from Turtles Beach parking, is just such a place. While a little more casual than Ophelia's, Turtles offers the same great view of Little Sarasota Bay. The menu is creative and definitely represents fine dining. Prices are also reasonable for such a nice place.

<a href="">Turtles on Little Sarasota Bay</a>

<a href="">The Lobster Pot</a>

The Lobster Pot

Located in Siesta Key Village, the Lobster Pot is an excellent seafood restaurant. It has a great location in the heart of the Village, but it is a relatively small place with limited seating. Reservations is a good idea. The Lobster Pot does not have outdoor seating, so it is another great place to visit on cold or wet evenings. If you have ever been to Cape Cod, this restaurant was founded by the son of the founder of the Lobster Pot on the Cape. When he sold his place in Massachusets, he eventually moved to Florida and opened the Siesta Key locale. The restaurant is still in the Family, which means great food and great service.

Ophelia's on the Bay

Arguably the finest eating establishment on Siesta Key (Gabbiano's would be the other), Ophelia's is 5 star dining within a few minutes drive. Just like Turtles, Ophelia's is right on the Little Sarasota Bay, offering great views of the waterway. The menu is definitely gourmet and, frankly, so are the prices. But hey, you are worth it! Would definitely recommend calling for reservations, if you want to sit outside.

<a href="">Ophelia's on the Bay</a>

<a href="">The Cottage</a>

The Cottage

The Cottage is a deceptively special restaurant. The façade and décor suggests very casual dining with things like burgers and fries. Instead what they serve up is an eclectic menu inspired by Peruvian cuisine. Ceviche dishes are the headliners, but a varied menu is sure to have something for everyone. In a way, The Cottage is three restaurants in one. The menu is the same throughout, but the front porch is ideal for people watching in Siesta Key Village. Inside is a sportsbar motif, with lots of TV's. Out back is a cozy courtyard (great spot if it is a little cool out, but you still want al fresco dining) with live music and an intimate vibe.

BluQue Island Grill

The Blu Que Island Grill promises the best in smoked meats and other specialities. Seating is available inside and out. Usually live acts are performing during dinner hours. The bar outside is of a very cool design and plays off the "blue" theme.

<a href="">BluQue Island Grill</a>